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Learn About Your Plan

You'll get the most value from your benefit plan when you understand how it works. Use the link below to find details on Medica Choice, Medica Elect and Medica Essential.

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Choose Your Providers Carefully

Seeing an out-of-network provider is significantly more expensive than seeing a network provider. To find out if your current provider is part of the Medica network, or to find a new provider, use our online provider search tool.

You're Building a Better City

My Health Rewards by Medica can help you build a better you. Learn more.


Welcome to Medica!

We are pleased to offer you health coverage through your employer. As a health care consumer, you have choices. This website can help you easily learn more about your options. 

Medica offers you:

  • Programs and services that support improving your health and making the most of your benefits
  • A one-stop source for managing your plan at mymedica.com—track claims, find out what’s covered, learn about health and wellness programs, and more
  • Coverage when you travel, with access to more than 715,000 health care professionals and more than 5,400 hospitals nationwide

Your Plan and Network Options

Select the plan or network below to learn about your options.

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Medica Choice Passport Network

National network
Medica Choice Passport® is an easy-to-use plan with a large network. You can visit any doctor, clinic or facility in the network without a referral.

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Medica Elect Network

Care system network
With Medica Elect®, you enroll in a primary care clinic. The clinic coordinates your care and will help you find a specialist when you need one. 

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Medica Essential Network

Care system network
With Medica EssentialSM, you enroll in a primary care clinic. The clinic coordinates your care and will help you find a specialist when you need one.


Mymedica: Your Online Member Service Center

If you have a question about your Medica benefits, mymedica.com is the place to find answers. Once you are a member, log in to this secure website for information to help you manage your health plan benefits and improve your health.

» Watch the video to learn more about mymedica.com.

Preventive Care and Your Plan

Preventive care such as routine check-ups, vaccines and prenatal care for moms-to-be and babies is available at no cost to you. It is important to know the difference between covered preventive care and other services, because it affects how much you pay.

» Watch the video to learn about preventive care and your plan.

Tips to Save Time and Money with Your Plan

Getting the care you need at the right place can help you save time and money.

» Watch the video to learn some things you can do to help keep your health care costs down.

Earn Rewards for Making Better Health Decisions

My Health Rewards by Medica® rewards you for making better health decisions.

» Watch the video to learn how you can earn gift cards for taking steps to improve your health.