Park Nicollet First with Medica Network


Park Nicollet First with Medica Network

Accountable Care Organization network

Park Nicollet First with MedicaSM is an innovative collaboration between Park Nicollet and Medica that is pioneering new ways of delivering care to provide you with a better experience. When you choose Park Nicollet First, you have easy access to care for all your day-to-day health care needs. 

What are the features?

  • Access to an integrated health care system that includes more than 20 neighborhood clinics and features primary care, urgent care and more than 55 medical specialties
  • Nationwide coverage when you travel
  • No referrals when visiting a Park Nicollet First provider

How does it work?

Park Nicollet First with Medica is an accountable care organization (ACO). In an ACO, groups of doctors, nurses and other health care providers work together with your health plan to provide coordinated care. You don’t need a referral when you see a provider in the Park Nicollet First network.

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Information sharing
One of the unique features of an ACO plan is how Medica works with your provider to coordinate your health care. By sharing member information with each other, Medica and your ACO can help you get the care you need and deliver programs and services to help you get and stay healthy. If you or your dependents don’t want Medica and the ACO to share your information with each other:

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Benefit Summary for Park Nicollet First with Medica Network

Network Information
Network Type Accountable Care Organization network
Network Area Twin Cities metro area
Special Features Direct access to Park Nicollet's specialty centers; 24/7 online diagnosis and treatment with virtuwell; CareWire text messaging for clinic appointments.
Referrals Needed No referrals needed if you see a Park Nicollet First network provider.

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